Rally Report – Sloop Inn

Sunday the rain continued and we decided to move on to The Sloop Inn early where we had 14 vans/12 bikes over the four days there. A ride out to York on Monday followed by a stop off at Squires biker cafe on way back to the site. Tuesday a few bikes went out to play on a longer ride to Bridlington. Unfortunately rain stopped play and we didn’t do all that was planned, but were well looked after in the Sloop Inn.

Mon 29/7/19 Ride Out to York.

1, John-Pat-Goldwing (Lead)
2, Ade-Kathy-Triumph
3, Graham-Wendy-Triumph
4, Simon-Jackie-Triumph
5, Eddy-(sleepy)Lorraine-Triumph
6, Kieth-Triumph
In York we met up with-
8, Lorraine-Honda
9, Martin-Bill-Suzuki (TEC)

Nice ride out to York, looked fairly professional from the back. We had a few hours wandering around York, finally meeting up with Locals-Chris & Lorraine.  Chris led us from York to Squires Cafe, where we all had refreshments & Eddie’s Lorraine fell asleep 💤 we all sneaked out & left her in La La Land 😁Thanks to John & Pat for TEC’ing. All in all another good day out with the MCG.


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