1. Any member in breach of the rules may be asked to leave the site by the host or a member of the Committee and the matter reported in writing to the MCC Office.
  2. All vehicles arriving on the rally site report in to reception. 
  3. All Motor Caravans will be sited so as to leave the desired distance between facing sides as directed by the Host and laid down within the CFG (6 meter rule).
  4. The disposal of chemical toilets, waste water and refuse must be at a point indicated by the host. If no such point is indicated, please take it home with you. DO NOT dispose of waste water on site or on public roads. The drinking water tap MUST NOT be used to rinse out toilet cassettes.
  5. No open fires.
  6. All pets must be kept under control at all times and must be kept on a lead. 
  7. There shall be no undue noise between the hours of 11pm-8am.
  8. Prior permission must be sought before Generators and Air conditioning units are used.
  9. Please check the club website or facebook for any last minute rally changes.
  10. Vehicles must not be driven at more than 5mph on rally sites. 
  11. Visiting members may be charged a small fee.
  12. All persons attending the rallies with this group do so entirely at their own risk. The Organiser and Committee accept no responsibility for persons or property brought onto the rally site.
  13. In an emergency Members should respond to the alarm immediately which will be applied by the means of repetitive use of vehicle horns and/or 4 way flashers. Members should note the location of the group fire extinguisher.
  14. Rally hosts are offered a free rally. If more than one van hosts, then this offer will be shared.
  15.  All members of the club are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and not engage in any form of bullying, aggressive behaviour, harassment, discrimination, victimisation or sexual misconduct.
    Please find a Link to the MCC Constitution For Groups. further information can be found on their website under the members area.