Graham Kendall 

 I am proud to be the first Chairman of the newly formed MCG. l have two bikes at the moment - a Triumph and a Harley-Davidson. I have been with the MCC for around eight years. My regional group is Severn Valley.

Keith Botterill 
Vice Chairman

Member of Sussex Group. I have been a member of the MCC for over 33 years. At the age of 16 and 3 months I passed my motorbike test and bought my first bike, a Triumph Speedtwin SS 500cc. One of the fastest bikes on the block. I still ride Triumphs now and own 5 classic bikes.

Pat Kirby

A member of the MCC and of Severn Valley Group for 25 years, serving on Committee twice as Secretary and then the Club Exhibition unit for 4 years. And now as Secretary for this newly formed Motor Cycle Group. I never imagined I would be on the back of a motor bike until we got our Piaggio and then progressed onto the Goldwings, or as some would say an “armchair on wheels”, well why not!  You have to be comfortable while viewing the passing scenery.

Wendy Kendall 

I’m loving the new MCG as it connects my two passions - motorcycles which I’ve been around all my life, and motorhomes which is my new interest. I’ve been with the MCC for around eight years and love going to rallies.  My motorhome is a Starblazer.

John Kirby 
Rally Officer

I started riding as soon as I was legally allowed. My first bike a present from my Dad was a BSA Bantam. Then came the Velocette 350 Viper Sport. Many bikes followed. I now ride an American spec Goldwing 1800. I've been a member of MCC for 25 years, 12 of which I've been on Severn Valley Committee and been Group Chairman twice. I've spent 4 years running the MCC Exhibition Recruiting Unit at outdoor shows and am proud to be one of the founder members of this great group.

Martin Borrill
Ride out Coordinator 

I’m a retired HGV Driver, married to Noreen. Current Ride-1250 Bandit. I've been riding since I was 16, and owned numerous bikes, mostly Japanese. We’ve been members of the MCC Chiltern group for two & a half years & own an Autotrail Imala.

Noreen Borrill
 MCG Scribe

I have been a member of MCC Chiltern group since 2016. I am married to Martin. I have never ridden on a Motorbike but get the vibes from Martin and others of the joys of the freedom of the road and love of riding. I am the Scribe for the MCG for the monthly MCC Magazine.

Paul Nelson 
Safety Officer

I have been a member of the East Midlands group for 4 months. We have owned our motor home for 10 years and enjoyed motor bikes for the last 50years. I ride a Harley and a vw trike.

Tina Botterill
Social Media

Member of Sussex Group. I have been a member of the MCC for over 33 years. In that time I have had many jobs on committee within East Essex and Surrey Groups including Chairman, Secretary, Rally Officer, Webmaster, Social Secretary and Entertainments Organiser. I have also worked on the Events Show Stand for many years and been the Liaison Officer for the stand for four years. I am currently on the Council of Management on the Membership and the Marketing Committees.

Ian Jefferson
Web Master

I am a member of the MCC Essex group and my motorhome is an Adria Matrix Supreme I have been riding bikes since I left school 44 years ago. I've had a range of bikes including Hondas Triumphs and Harley-Davidsons. I now ride a Triumph Tiger 800 adventure bike and my wife Wendy often rides pillion.