Guidance for MCG Ride Outs

Guidance for MCG Ride Outs
Updated 12/5/23

We try to run Ride Outs for all Riders, from New to Groups to Experienced Group Rides.

When you attend an MCG Rally, we need to know what type of rider you are-‘New to Group or Experienced’ then we can plan rides to suit, that way we are able to offer a Great Holiday for all levels from a Funky Moped to a Big Moody Muscle Bike.

Please ensure that your bike is Taxed, MOT’d, Insured & serviced.

If you would like to join one of our ‘Experienced Rides’ your bike should be capable of maintaining a steady 50-60mph.
For Slower or Novice Riders there’s no minimum speed, just a well serviced & legal Motorcycle.

We suggest if you are running a bike in or are new to the bike, get some personal miles in before joining us, so you can keep up with the pack as we ride along.

Most of our Rides are between 30 & 60 miles (all in) but can be longer & we try to stop somewhere for refreshments en route. We usually send a WhatsApp the evening before explaining the route & approximate mileage. Some of us take sandwiches & coffee.

Slower Rides will probably be a bit shorter. We tend to use the Drop Off System (see next post) on most Rides with more than 5 or 6 bikes because with any more, the Leader can struggle to see the TEC (Tail End Charlie)

We usually meet up around 10.15am & leave at 10.30am and aim to be back on site around 15.00.

Most people with MCG flags up or those wearing MCG T Shirts will be happy to chat about our Rallies & Ride Outs.

At the start of all Rallies we will be taking Next of Kin details for anyone joining a Ride Out in the unlikely event that these are need.

Drop Off System.
Edited 12/5/23

We always have a quick briefing before we start, so please be on time and switch your engine off so we can be heard.

You have a Leader and a Tail End Charlie (TEC) or Sweeper.
Everyone follows the leader in a staggered formation if riding on a straight piece of road. On bends, take the best line, keeping your distance, then return to staggered formation.

Images by Blue Knights Wales 2
Staggered means-
The Leader rides near the crown/Centre of the road, no 2 rides to the left/edge of the road, no 3 near the crown and so on. That way we can keep a fairly tight group with safe braking distances between bikes.

It is very dynamic and you will keep changing position as we drop off riders at the junctions. No 3 becomes No 2, so he/she moves up to the left behind the Leader and so on.

At a junction, the leader will signal with his left hand for the rider behind (no 2) to stop and mark the corner. This rider stays on the corner, marking the direction of travel, until the TEC/Sweeper arrives. At that point, depending on who is TEC you either pull away in front of him/her or he/she will go past you,  keeping left allowing the rider to overtake him/her.

Note-you might have to wait a while, especially if we are well spread out.
This will be explained at the briefing.

On large roundabouts, follow it round until you see the marker bike, then obviously take that exit.

In towns it can get busy, with all the junctions, lights and roundabouts, but just keep going straight until you see a marker bike. The leader will slow it down a bit, to allow the TEC/Sweeper to catch up without speeding through the town.
If we get stopped at lights, try to make your way forward/filter to rejoin the group. That way, we can all move away through the lights together.


If the bike behind slows down or you can’t see him anymore, slow down to allow them to catch up. This works up the line & the Leader will eventually get the message and slow down as well.

If we need to stop, the leader will attempt to find a suitable place. This can be problematic, especially if we have 10 or more bikes on a ride. If there is nowhere to pull in, the leader will slow down with his four way indicators on. Everyone should try to get over as far as possible in a single line, so as not to block the road. Please stay where you are, the leader will go back & check what’s happening, then we can formulate a plan to sort the problem out then carry on.

If you need to stop for personal reasons or want to exit the Ride Out, please wave the following riders on and indicate to the TEC /Sweeper that you are ok, then we can carry on the ride without people getting confused.

Always stay behind the leader & keep the TEC/Sweeper behind.

When we get back to site, we usually return straight back to our vans. Occasionally we will park up in a line for people to view the bikes, and we will instruct you if this is the case.

Please remember 5mph on ALL sites.

This system has been tried, tested & tweaked since 2018 (when the MCG were formed). We are always happy to discuss improvements, but please bear in mind that not all riders are Valentino Rossi (even though they think they are 🙄).